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From lab to commercialization, Armstrong Clinical offers biopharmaceutical companies and medical research institutes expertise in clinical development strategy and study design. Our services help build confidence your studies and programs will reliably and effectively meet your vital clinical development targets.

Clinical and Drug Development

Before you begin, Armstrong Clinical can advise you of your clinical, regulatory and commercial requirements at each stage of development to plan your clinical strategy and risk mitigation accordingly.

Phase I and IIa Design

Armstrong Clinical specializes in early phase clinical development strategy. Our expertise will reduce time while improving the chance that your studies will deliver discernible outcomes.

Phase IIb and III, Where and Why?

Regional clinical practices and study dynamics must be considered when designing effective and efficient studies. We have managed study design and implementation in over 30 countries to understand how your study locations affect your risk and your commercial, cost, and time objectives.

Modern Clinical Development

Predictive modelling for more accurate dose selection, adaptive design, remote monitoring, PK/PD analysis using pharmacometrics. Understand when and how modern tools can be used in your develpoment programs to increase the probability of success and decrease development cost and time.

Clinical Study Design


Its not only important to consider safety, efficacy, regulatory and commercial goals, minimise complexity in your design..


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Clinical Development Strategy


Approaches taken to mitigate risk of failure and design more efficient programs. Start with the end in mind.


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Know Global Study Locations

What are the advantages and disadvantages specific for your product, indication and development targets when considering study locations.


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