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clinical study design and clinical development strategy.


Armstrong Clinical provide clinical study design and clinical development strategy to biopharmaceutical companies and medical research institutes. In a rapidly evolving and increasingly challenging clinical and regulatory framework, Armstrong Clinical helps your clinical development advance in the most efficient, effective and reliable means possible. Our expertise reduces risk and helps you acheive your clinical development goals faster.

Clinical Study Design


Achieving study objectives through better protocol development practice


Clinical study design and protocol development install the foundation for successful clinical development. Yet, today’s clinical studies are burdened by cumbersome designs, are often ineffectively powered and target inappropriate endpoints.


Armstrong Clinical’s clinical development, biostatistic and regulatory strategy specialists provide the key expertise required for effective protocol development and study design. The purpose is to ensure an effective, efficient study is constructed, answering the right questions to meet your clinical development objectives.


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Clinical Development Strategy


Steering development amidst changing clinical and regulatory landscapes

It is vital that a comprehensive development strategy is created at the inception of a clinical development program. In addition, the ever changing clinical, regulatory and competitive landscape means reassessment of clinical objectives at each stage of development is required.


Development programs need to become more responsive, flexible and efficient while maintaining alignment between R and D and commercial objectives. Armstrong Clinical can help to ensure the correct, product, indication, internal and external stakeholder considerations are made when...


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Data Capture


Making CRF design more flexible while keeping entry simple for the end user


The importance of data capture to support efficient and successful clinical study cannot be understated. Data entry at site can be a burden and time consuming. To ensure hospitals stay motivated to capture data on your study, the CRF design should be modern, flexible, simple to navigate and designed to reduce inaccuracies.


Armstrong Clinical has partnered with a leading U.S. healthcare technology company specializing in electronic data capture that provides maximum flexibility and configurability for data capture......





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