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Armstrong Clinical provides clients only seasoned, experienced specialists in their field within clinical development. Whether it be early phase study design, regulatory strategy, pricing and market access or clinical development strategy, you are receiving services from the best experts in pharmaceutical development.

bradley joblin

Bradley Joblin, PhD

Study Design and Clinical Development Specialist, Founder

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Bradley is a specialist in clinical development and early phase study design. His 15 years in the industry spans roles including the management early phase development program at the headquarters of AstraZeneca, global management responsibility for phase III/IV studies at the headquarters of Roche and as Chief Scientific Officer at a specialist phase 1 clinical study unit.

Bradley has worked on development program in a variety of therapeutic areas including neurology, oncology, autoimmune disease, respiratory disorders, dermatology and infectious disease to name a few.

Bradley has expertise in innovative early clinical development study design and creating development efficiencies through smart clinical development strategy. He is passionate about insights into modern practices for evidence generation to increase certainly in clinical development that improves delivery of innovative therapies to patients.

Renato Mattli, MBA

Pricing and Market Access Specialist

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Renato is Head of the HTA and Health Economic Evaluation Group at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.

Before moving to the Zurich University of Applied Sciences he worked in the medical device industry, first in clinical research and then in health economics and market access. Renato has a long history wth Armstrong Clinical and works to provide AC clients with pricing and market access advisory services.

Dr. Suhail Sayeed Mufti, MBBS, DNB (Pathology), MS Translational Medicine (Edin.), MBA

Drug Development and Translational Medicine Specialist

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Suhail is a board-certified clinical pathologist and translational drug development professional with extensive experience in the design and execution of early phase clinical trials and non-clinical regulatory studies in diverse therapeutic areas like oncology, metabolics, dermatology and infectious diseases.

Suhail completed his pathology residency from the National Board of Examinations (DNB, India) and translational medicine training at the University of Edinburgh. Suhail has been in various leadership roles at Piramal Enterprises NCE Research, Cognizant Life Sciences and Venus Medicine Research Center and is currently working as the Director for Strategy and Operations, Department of Translational Medicine and Therapeutics at HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd (HCG Oncology). Suhail brings strong experience to help provide solutions for translational medicine and drug development needs.

Sonali Quantius, PhD

Pharmacogenomics Specialist

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Sonali is the Founder & CEO of HaploMed, a company specializing in pharmacogenomics analysis and drug-drug interaction predictions to optimise therapeutic dose administration in patients. She has more than 12 years of experience identifying targets and biomarkers using genetics and bioinformatics at the headquarters of global pharmaceutical companies in North America, Europe and Asia. Sonali received her Ph.D. at the University Hospital in Zurich followed by research work in proteomics at ETH Zurich. Subsequently she joined as a Group Leader in Computational Biology at Eli Lilly in the USA, followed by AstraZeneca (Sweden) and more recently, worked as a Director in Human Genetics at GSK (UK). She is passionate about using Pharmacogenomics testing for personalized medicine and envisions a future where every prescribing decision is driven by personalized data at the point of care.  Sonali acts as a principal consultant for clients looking to identify genomic properties relevant to the safety and effectiveness of an investigational therapy.

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