Phase I and IIa Study Designs

Whether you therapy is first time in human or a reformulation of an existing treatment, taking a product into early phase development requires careful planning and adept study designs. The goal of our early phase designs is to shorten your timelines, manage risk and add value in early phase outcomes.

Advancements in translational science, dose predictions and data turn around times allows us to design early studies that acheive greater certainty and more valuable infromation. Increased efficiency to target the right dose achieved through strong science, regulatory understanding, data analysis and expertise in modern early phase study designs means we can incorporate patient populations earlier and you learn more from your studies.

We provide expert early clinical development services in each of these fields so we can help you generate tailored early phase clinical studies that uncover the potential of your drug early in development. In doing so, we can save you costs, increase value of your therapy and improve the likelihood of success through the development path.